Narrowing in on a research topic can

be hard and requires thoughtful attention.

Here we have lesson plans to help you

define your issue focus.

Choosing Specific Issue

Most communities have many strengths and weaknesses. So, how do you decide which issue to investigate? This section has lessons that will help you decide what your question can be based on both assets and issues within your community. Continue Reading Choosing Specific Issue

3 lessons

Community Strengths and Problems

This section gives you the chance to examine both strengths and problems within your community. This can help you to define the issue that you want to target and to develop a research question. Continue Reading Community Strengths and Problems

3 lessons

Project Design

This section contains lessons on how to design the project that makes most sense for your group. How will you answer your research question? What next steps will you take to create change? Continue Reading Project Design

2 lessons