Whether your team is newly forming or

has done YPAR already before,

we have lesson plans here to help you

get started with your YPAR project.

Community Support

Community members are often stakeholders in YPAR projects. This section contains lessons about engaging with families, community leaders, and more. Continue Reading Community Support

5 lessons


A strong team is an essential part of an effective YPAR project. Here you can find lessons that will give youth the chance to get to know how best to work together and understand one another. Continue Reading Team-building

8 lessons

Understanding Oppression

When doing research in a community, it is useful to understand where oppression comes from, how it functions, and how community members experience it. This section contains lessons that can help youth understand this important topic. Continue Reading Understanding Oppression

1 lessons

Youth + Adults

YPAR puts the power in the hands of youth. Some adults don’t believe that youth have the capability to have this power. This section explains adultism, a type of discrimination against young people. These lessons will empower youth to understand their own value and the roots of adultism and will give suggestions on how to foster positive youth-adult partnerships.. Continue Reading Youth + Adults

5 lessons

YPAR Basics

This is the place to begin. You can find lessons and resources here about what YPAR is and how your group can get involved. Continue Reading YPAR Basics

8 lessons