Continuum of Youth Participation & Engagement


  • To use the continuum of youth participation to have the group assess where they are
  • To have the group identify where they want to go in the continuum of youth participation
  • To have the group plan how they will reach their goals for youth participation


  • Handouts with the Level of Youth Participation chart (1 per participant)
  • A poster with the chart (or a chalkboard/whiteboard)

Prepare Before

Create a poster with the Level of Youth Participation chart or draw the chart on a chalkboard or whiteboard.

Warm Up

Before showing the chart or passing out the handout, generate a definition of youth involvement as a class. What does it mean for youth to be involved in a research project?


Go over the chart with the participants to describe each level of involvement. Have participants come up with examples of each level of involvement in a research project.


Where do we think our group is in terms of level of youth involvement? Where do we want to go?


Share the importance of youth involvement in YPAR. In general, YPAR advocates for and supports high levels of youth participation. However, we recognize that different settings call for different levels of youth involvement. To determine what makes most sense, consider the nature of the school, organization, or initiative, the goals of research/evaluation, required outcomes, youth interests, and available resources.


Generate as a group ideas for increasing or maintaining the level of involvement. Collectively create a plan that the group feels proud of and can follow.