• To understand the importance of ethics in research


  • “Ethical Principles in Action Research” handout(1 per participant)
  • Flipchart paper/whiteboard/chalkboard
  • Markers/dry erase markers/chalk
  • Computer access with internet (optional)

Prepare Before

Review the “Ethical Principles in Action Research” handout, and be prepared to explain the concepts.

Warm Up

Ask the participants to brainstorm what rules may apply when doing research with people. Introduce the concept of ethical principles in research.


Based off the brainstorm, create a list of principles on butcher paper that the participants think should be followed in their research.


Review the “Ethical Principles in Action Research” handout, and explain the importance of protecting all human subjects during the research process. Go through each point on the handout, making sure to define important concepts, such as informed consent and confidentiality of data collected.


If you have access to computers, have participants complete a free online training from the National Institutes of Health on human subject protection. It is available at


Have participants share why they think these principles are important. How will the group ensure that their research process is ethical? What ethical principles will be easiest to always follow? Hardest? Why?