Don’t stop at just collecting data!

Here we have lesson plans to help you

move into action and maximize impact.

Changing Your World

How do you transition from research to community impact? How will you best get the attention of your community and make change? This section contains lessons to help you plan how you will disseminate information and take action based on the research you have completed. Continue Reading Changing Your World

2 lessons

Evaluating Progress

It is important to consistently evaluate how you are doing to make the most impact on your community. By reflecting on each step of the process and redesigning your methods as necessary, you can make effective and lasting change. This section provides tools to understand evaluation. Continue Reading Evaluating Progress

3 lessons

Getting the Word Out

This section will help you to communicate the research you have done to your community. By getting more people involved, you can grow your project and make even bigger changes! Continue Reading Getting the Word Out

7 lessons