Applying Your Research Findings


  • To apply research findings to make positive change in a situation or condition


  • “Using the Data for Change” handout (1 per participant)
  • “Using the Data for Change Example” handout (1 per participant)
  • List of key findings from your project

Prepare Before


Warm Up

Pass out the blank “Using the Data for Change” handout to the group. Explain the format of the grid and then go through each category, discussing with the group the following questions:

  • Who needs to hear the information we have collected? What is the best way to get the information to them?
  • Which strategies would work well to disseminate the information collected to the targeted audience?
  • What is the final result we are seeking? What change do we want to see as the outcome of our action/dissemination?
  • Do we have any special skills or talents within the group to use in this part of the project?
  • Do we have access to any resources we could use in this part of the project (e.g., recording studio, an auditorium)?


Have the group brainstorm to fill in a chart with their ideas.


Once they have finished, pass out in the filled-in chart. Have the group compare the two charts to see if there are any ideas the members have missed any ideas they might want to consider for their project.


Once the group has finished its listing, go through the list together and determine which of the ideas are possible according to the time, financial and human available resources.


Decide how the group will get to action and make a plan.