Event Planning


  • To learn the importance of event planning for the exposure of an issue
  • To develop time management skills
  • To develop teamwork strategies


  • Flip chart paper/whiteboard/chalkboard
  • Markers/dry erase markers/chalk
  • Paper
  • Pens or pencils

Prepare Before

If you can, invite local activists to participate in the lesson and conversations.

Warm Up

Give participants five minutes to write about a successful event that they have attended. Ask them these prompting questions:

  • What made it successful?
  • What could have made it even better?

Share back as a group and take notes of key points on the board or flip chart paper.


Introduce the event, location, and budget, if any. Discuss with participants the power of numbers in affecting an issue. As a group, create a list of the goals of the event. Once goals are defined, have participants choose a motif or other crowd-drawing tactics for the event. Map the logistics of the event:

  • Number of people
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Equipment
  • Costs
  • Entertainment
  • Room set-up

Lead the group through the process of breaking up and delegating the responsibilities of the event to different teams. Within teams, the participants address what needs to be accomplished and what resources they need to accomplish it. Have each team share back to the larger group what they have discussed. As a group, create a task list, budget (if available), timeline, and needs list. Participants return to teams to accomplish their delegated assignments or plan how they will accomplish assignments in the time leading up to the event.

Discuss press relations, demonstrating a press packet and the importance of preparing a story and images in advance of the event (and the importance of having an e-mail-able digital version). If possible, invite local activists to participate in this discussion and share their experiences.


Facilitate a discussion using the following reflection questions:

  • What will draw people to the event?
  • How can we entice more people to come?
  • How will we determine the success of our event?


Reiterate the importance of widespread dispersal and follow-up.


Participants prepare a press release and fliers for the event.