HERMOSA Interviewers Summer 2013

Salinas: CHAMACOS Youth Council

Latino Youth Investigating Environmental Chemical Exposures in the Salinas Valley

Learn more about the CHAMACOS Youth Council’s approach to environmental health and justice research below!

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San Lorenzo: Project EAT!

Building Self-Sustaining Neighborhoods Through Community Farms

Learn more about how San Lorenzo High School increased community awareness and buy-in on healthy eating below!

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New York: Generation Citizen

Taking Informed Civic Action

Learn more about Generation Citizen’s approach to empowering youth as action civics below!

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SF Dress Code

San Francisco: Student Leadership in The San Francisco School

Identifying Oppression and Gender Bias in a School Dress Code

Learn more about how students at The San Francisco School documented and took action to push back on gendered dress codes in San Francisco, California below!

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RJ Logic Model Training

Chicago: Restorative Justice Project Advisory Committee

Documenting, Implementing, and Promoting Restorative Justice As a Process and Practice

Learn more about how Instituto Justice and Leadership Academy embedded restorative justice into their school in Chicago, Illinois below!

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CU Engage Side-by-Side

Boulder: CU Engage

Improving Campus Inclusivity, Resources, and Leadership Opportunities for Students of Color at CU Boulder

Learn more about how CU Engage studied and took action to understand the experience and needs of students of color in Boulder, Colorado below!

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Denver: The Bridge Project

Planning, Leading, Making, and Doing Something

Learn more about The Bridge Project’s approach to positive youth development in Denver, Colorado below!

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Guatemala: Voces y Manos

Empowering Youth to Advance the Health and Wellbeing of their Communities

Learn more about Voces y Manos’ approach to youth empowerment and health promotion in Rabinal, Baja Verapaz, Guatemala below!

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Los Angeles: Council of Youth Research

Promoting College Access & Civic Education

Learn more about UCLA and the Los Angeles Unified School District’s approach to examining educational conditions in the city below!

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