Investigating a Problem

Investigating a Problem

Key Reflection QuestionsInvestigating a Problem

1) What steps will you take to make sure that the problem being investigated is youth driven, and responsive to their needs? (ex. Have youth vote on a focus etc)?

2) What is the timeline of your investigation and data gathering? Does this align with your original project timeline from Getting Started? If not, what needs to be shifted? 

3) Are there any format considerations that are required to meet standards of your funder, administrator, principal or otherwise? 

4) Is qualitative (arts based inquiry, feelings, perspectives) or quantitative (numerical, empirical, finite) data more appropriate? 

5) Are there personnel who can train youth in basic research methods (including software like google sheets/excel)? How will you find good data (what is good data)? How will you analyze data (systematic, objective, focused analysis)?