Strategizing for Action

Strategizing for Action

Key Reflection Questions: Strategizing For Action

1) What is the timeline of your Strategizing for Action? Does this align with your original project timeline from Getting Started and Investigating a Problem? Make sure to budget time for taking action.

2) What are the strengths and weaknesses of your group and how can these best be integrated into your plan?

3) Who are the key stakeholders who will likely be most in support of your project? Who are the most powerful folks who are least likely to be in agreement? How can these parties be bridged? 

4) What is the best tool to communicate your project’s core message (ex. An art gallery, a website, a fact sheet, a poster, etc)?


Now that your team has gathered your data, how do you move from research into action? This section includes lesson plans for synthesizing your findings and turning them into presentations that catch audiences’ attention. We also included information about how to elicit feedback and evaluations. Click through the links below for more information!